Appropriate Exercise Time

 Appropriate Exercise Time

 Appropriate Exercise Time
People with a body too fat tend to be more at risk of developing serious diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver, arthritis, and gall bladder disorders. 

Being overweight can affect the performance of the hormone insulin causes diabetes and increase the risk of heart disease. Excess fat interfere with the heart by causing the accumulation of cholesterol, increased blood pressure and clogged arteries. In addition to excess fat makes the blood loses its ability to clot which can lead to stroke. 

In women, obesity can lead to irregular menstruation and infertility disorders Ultimately, obese people have a shorter life risk compared with those who had normal weight.Therefore, for human health is the primary and essential, because with a healthy body we can carry out activities of daily activities well. 

To support this must be balanced by eating a healthy diet and nutritious coupled with sufficient exercise.Exercise is done to maintain stamina remain prime is regular exercise at a certain time in order to obtain the desired results.

According Dr.A.Anies Shahab, Sp.U. exercise that right and intensive to keep your body to stay healthy is not enough only once a week because it will have no effect on body condition The frequency of exercise really is a minimum of 3-6 times a week, to get good results: body fitter , improved immunity and can control a wide range of degenerative diseases.

Sweat does not mean exercise intensity that is enough, because it only signifies sweat, increase in body temperature or reaction because of the heat outside the body.Sports a new session is said to be sufficient in intensity when the pulse rate has reached 70% of maximum heart rate per minute, which can be detected itself by counting the pulse on the left wrist formula: 70% x (220 - age).

Good tempo or duration of each exercise session was at least 30 minutes, because in order to scrape the excess fat should be more than 20 minutes, which is less then the collagen in the muscle.After the first 20 minutes then the process begins to burn excess fat.

Eg to increase their endurance run or walk or jog is not determined by how fast or how far we traveled, fixed duration or tempo that we exercise at least 30 minutes.Such health information we need to do in order to stay healthy and fit body is not the body healthy and fit we can conduct activities comfortably so what we dream can aspire achieved.

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