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Pagi jam tujuh pagi aku sudah buka bengkel , ya kerjaanku sehari hari lumayanlah dapatnya meskipun cukup untuk makan sekeluarga dirumah. Aku terus kerja setiap hari nggak ada kata libur kecuali kalau sakit atau ada urusan penting baru aku tutup bengkelnya. Kalau libur nanti dapur tidak ngebul kata orang orang. Kita tetap harus bersyukur dengan rezeki yang diberikan Alloh yaitu rezeki yang halal dari hasil keringat sendiri .

Menurut ajaran agama islam apabila kita bersyukur dan memberi makan keluarga dengan hasil kerjaan kita yang halal ,maka keluarga kita akan tentram. Jangan sampai kita memberi makan keluarga dengan uang yang haram , karena uang yang haram jika dimakan sama anak isteri , maka anak tersebut akan mmenjadi anak yang berani sama orang tua ,tidak patuh , kenapa bisa begitu karena makanan yang masuk kedalam tubuh tidak mendapat ridho dari Alloh dan menjadi tidak berkah .

Firman Alloh kepada para rosulNya ; " Wahai pa…

Effective Way to Prevent Heart Disease

Effective Way to Prevent Heart Disease
Effective Way to Prevent Heart Disease.In the current era of globalization no longer heart disease dominated by old people. Nowadays, it is more and more young people for heart disease. This indicates that the target cardiovascular disease knows no age.The question why heart disease attacked the people at a young age? So what should be done to prevent it if the specter of targeting young people. 

Dr.Henry McGill in a study to conduct examination of 760 bodies of adolescents and young people, in these studies found a blockage in the coronary arteries caused by a buildup of cholesterol.It shows that, the prevention of heart disease in the future is to be done since the age of the children, according to research published in the journal Circulation.

"The bottom line is that the long-term prevention of coronary artery disease should have started in childhood or at least in their teens," said . Dr.senior researchers Henry, a senior scientist from the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio, Texas.The study looked at the arteries in young people who died of other causes, such as suicide, homicide, and accidents.

One-fifth of young people aged 30-34 have emerged plaque or fatty deposits in their coronary arteries, which indicates the risk of heart attack and stroke towards the future.In this study, it appears that men are two times more at risk of the emergence of plaque than women the same age range.

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The biggest risk factor is obesity arterial blockage and high levels of low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), known as bad cholesterol, which is what will be attached to the walls of the arteries.

Mean while, other risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, and levels of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol is low also increases the risk of clogging the arteries.

The study also found that young men in their 20s and 30s with high cholesterol, two to three and a half times more likely to die from heart disease. In fact, the risk of premature death from four to nine years earlier than men with healthy cholesterol levels.

From this research, it was revealed that the young people in their early 20s should begin testing cholesterol levels, as recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Project, said Dr. Peter Libby, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston."Even those in their 20s should know what their cholesterol numbers and ensure that they koelsterol levels under control," said Libby.

"It's much better to prevent the disease in the beginning, rather than treating heart attack and stroke when it occurs," he continued.This time is no longer heart disease only attacks the elderly. Now, even more young people to heart disease. Actually, what is the cause of heart disease at a young age? Is there anything that can be done for prevention?

How Do I Prevent Heart Disease
1. Stop smoking.
Many people do not realize that cigarette smoking is not good for health, despite warnings in general already knew but why do they still do not care about their own health. The warning is justified because cigarette smoking is not good for heart health, then you should refrain from bad habits to prevent heart disease in order to stay healthy heart.

2. Do not eat foods that contain saturated oils
Do not consume foods that contain saturated oils more than 20 grams per day, and use the trans oil as little as possible. Saturated fat and trans fat will cause inflammation of the arteries. Cinnamon roll (cinnamon buns) has 7 grams of saturated fat. 

Oil trans (eg in butter or margarine), often found in processed foods or baked in the oven.
3. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
Eat vegetables and fruit every day is very good for the health of our bodies. Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber. Gradually increase the amount in 2-6 weeks. because if the number has increased dramatically, even less good results, and can affect the digestive yourself.

Diligent Exercise Every Day

Road for 30 minutes every day or run a small run of origin is routine would be good for your health and will facilitate the circulation of blood. , Try the street half an hour each day, will reduce the risk of heart attack by about 30 percent.The quality of a true sport, not so much sweat that out, but a fixed time say 30 minutes every day regularly.

5.Avoid StressAvoid Stress
Stress is very difficult to avoid when living in big cities like Jakarta, known as congestion and preoccupations. When a person experiences stress, the body will release the hormone cortisol which causes blood vessels to become stiff. 

Hormone norepinephrine to produce the body when suffering from stress, which may increase blood pressure. Thus, it is good if you avoid stress either in the office or at home.Similarly, information about heart disease and ways to prevent it coming from media


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