Inilah Beberapa Penyebab Timbulnya Asam Urat

 Pada kondisi normal, asam urat larut dalam darah dan keluar melalui urine. Tetapi dalam kondisi tertentu, tubuh dapat menghasilkan asam urat dalam jumlah berlebih atau mengalami gangguan dalam membuang kelebihan asam urat, sehingga asam urat menumpuk dalam tubuh.

Penumpukan asam urat ini akan membentuk kristal di sendi, yang dapat memicu nyeri dan pembengkakan di berbagai sendi tubuh. 

Meskipun umumnya terbentuk di sendi, kristal asam urat juga bisa terbentuk di ginjal dan saluran kemih. Kondisi tersebut dapat mengganggu fungsi ginjal atau menyebabkan batu saluran kemih.

Dibawah ini penulis paparkan ada beberapa makanan maupun minuman yang berpotensi menyebabkan penyakit asam urat yang ada pada tubuh manusia antara lain :  

Minuman Soda
Jangan terlalu  sering minum minuman bersoda! Perlu diketahui   bahwa di balik sensasi rasanya yang menyegarkan, minuman bersoda menyimpan bahaya yang serius bagi tubuh.

Menurut Dr. Fields , Sirup jagung fruktosa tinggi, adalah penyebab meningkat…

Warning to Men, The Danger of Prostate Symptoms

Warning to men, the danger of prostate symptoms

 Warning to men, the danger of prostate symptoms. At the age of 50 years or more and more people these difficult urination can happen to anyone, nowith the exception of men and women. One of the most common symptoms of this disorder is when there is a desire urine would have been intolerable, but it takes timequite a long time until the urine out.

Things like this really have to watch out and not to be left as it can cause infection and complications that can spread to the organs of the body other.Consequently would be difficult to urinate. According to the doctor following experts there some circumstances that cause difficulty urinating,among others:

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1. Swelling of the prostate. 

At the age of 50 years and older man, the prostate gland may experience swelling. 

Swelling of the prostate will suppress the urinary tract. As a result of this swelling, urine flow is not smooth and it takes a longer time so that urine can exit.

According Dr.A.Anies Shahab, Sp.U. Prostate disease was caused by the aging process in which the enlarged prostate gland and urinary tract clamping down so that the flow of urine is blocked. 

According prostate symptoms such as irritation or blockage complaint
Irritative symptoms include urinary repeatedly, repeatedly woke up to urinate, painful urination or bedwetting.Obstruction and symptoms include straining to begin urination necessity A broken, weak radiance, dissatisfaction after urination and urinary long process.  

From the picture above appear to be differences between prostate swelling that has not happened and who have experienced swelling. It seems clear that the prostate has undergoneswelling (right) where the urinary tract to shrink as a result if you want pee so the MILF or not current.And keep in mind prostate is a male reproductive organ that is not owned by woman.

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Prostat is a gland (accessory) sex / sexual content that is only found in men, the size of a walnut which wrap around the top of the urethra, the drain of the bladder.

Namely prostate function produce sperm / semen and secrete a mixture of liquid and enzyme required by the sperm to stay healthy. Prostate layout is beneath the bladder
Also on the right and left ureta. Prostate usually work well until most people are not aware of its existence until the age of 40 or 50 years, although some are getting problems at the age of 30 years.

2. Side effects of certain medications.

There are several medications used to treat the flu, such as decongestants, and allergies have less side effects both for health especially the process of urination. In addition, the use of antidepressants and anticholinergic drugs can also cause difficulty urinating.

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 At the time of surgery to undergo surgery in the area near the kidneys, bladder, and urethra, may be experiencing constipation kecil.Dan after surgery may experience difficulty urinating due to the influence of drugs is still strong .

4.System Nerve Disrupted.
Stroke or accident, can also interfere with urination system of a person, because of the disruption of damage to the nervous system. Aside from the other disorders such as diabetic conditions, delivery, infection of the brain and spinal cord can also cause difficulty urinating.

How Treatment

The earlier prostate cancer is diagnosed, the greater the chance the patient to recover fully. But if the cancer is still in its very early stages and does not cause any symptoms, the patient can choose to be on the lookout only. Treatment prostate cancer is through surgical removal of the prostate and radiotherapy. 

However if the cancer is detected when it has spread to the bone, for example, then the cancer can not be cured , Treatment is done merely to prolong life and relieve symptoms.

Now that information about the health dangers of prostate cancer for health, especially for the men. I hope by reading this article the man could pay more attention
his health at the age of 40 years of age or older.


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