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 Lipstick is one beauty tool woman.Woman teens and adults do not get out of this thing that is always there in her bag could travel.

Magnitude time in more than a woman's thumb and has a collection of colorful and is dominated red.Woman color is pleased preening to maintain its appearance, but it must be careful in choosing a lipstick.Lipstikpun Turns out there that can cause allergies lips. 

Who had been using lipstick to make it look beautiful and attractive turned out just the opposite.This fact became a very sad experience, experienced by a woman named Lily Cleopatra Mourice. Lily did not expect after applying lipstick recently purchased to make lips become problematic. He bought Lipstick in a famous stores. After waking from sleep he experienced a severe reaction.

In facebooknya, he wrote, "Beware! Just buy lipstick this week, woke up and shocked with lips like jumbo," he wrote. 

He uplo…

Appropriate Exercise Time

 Appropriate Exercise Time

 Appropriate Exercise Time
People with a body too fat tend to be more at risk of developing serious diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver, arthritis, and gall bladder disorders. 

Being overweight can affect the performance of the hormone insulin causes diabetes and increase the risk of heart disease. Excess fat interfere with the heart by causing the accumulation of cholesterol, increased blood pressure and clogged arteries. In addition to excess fat makes the blood loses its ability to clot which can lead to stroke. 

In women, obesity can lead to irregular menstruation and infertility disorders Ultimately, obese people have a shorter life risk compared with those who had normal weight.Therefore, for human health is the primary and essential, because with a healthy body we can carry out activities of daily activities well. 

To support this must be balanced by eating a healthy diet and nutritious coupled with sufficient exercise.Exer…

Effective Way to Prevent Heart Disease

Effective Way to Prevent Heart Disease
Effective Way to Prevent Heart Disease.In the current era of globalization no longer heart disease dominated by old people. Nowadays, it is more and more young people for heart disease. This indicates that the target cardiovascular disease knows no age.The question why heart disease attacked the people at a young age? So what should be done to prevent it if the specter of targeting young people. 

Dr.Henry McGill in a study to conduct examination of 760 bodies of adolescents and young people, in these studies found a blockage in the coronary arteries caused by a buildup of cholesterol.It shows that, the prevention of heart disease in the future is to be done since the age of the children, according to research published in the journal Circulation.

"The bottom line is that the long-term prevention of coronary artery disease should have started in childhood or at least in their teens," said . Dr.senior researchersHenry, a senior scienti…

Warning to Men, The Danger of Prostate Symptoms

Warning to men, the danger of prostate symptoms

 Warning to men, the danger of prostate symptoms. At the age of 50 years or more and more people these difficult urination can happen to anyone, nowith the exception of men and women. One of the most common symptoms of this disorder is when there is a desire urine would have been intolerable, but it takes timequite a long time until the urine out.

Things like this really have to watch out and not to be left as it cancause infection and complications that can spread to the organs of the body other.Consequently would be difficult to urinate. According to the doctor following experts there some circumstances that cause difficulty urinating,among others:

1. Swelling of the prostate.
At the age of 50 years and older man, the prostate gland may experience swelling. 

Swelling of the prostate will suppress the urinary tract. As a result of this swelling, urine flow is not smooth and it takes a longer time so that urine can exit.

According Dr.A.Anies…


If we are less diligent in cleaning the mouth, will certainly cause unpleasant mouth odor. Bad breath is caused by a variety of food we consume. Bad breath is often the case as this is caused by the intake of food is called bad breath cosmetics, said Karen Coates, dental advisor at the Oral Health Foundation.
There are ways to overcome bad breath like this, with sugar-free gum, brushing and mouthwash.

"The cause of bad breath cosmetics among others eat foods such as onions, garlic, coffee, all of it resulting in bad breath cosmetics, and of course smoking is the biggest cause of bad breath and bad breath," says Coates.

Furthermore, he reminded the biggest cause of bad breath is actually the oral bacteria, which is less time brushing their teeth clean. And according to Coates explains meals, leftovers and plaque could be trapped inside, on the sidelines or around a tooth. As a result, gas can form a major cause of bad breath.Another case with dr. Miguel Stanley and Whit…