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The corruptor gets a remission on the day of independence of Indonesia

Still remember the case of Gayus ..? , An employee of the Directorate General of Taxes who had stirred in the era of 2010 for the case of embezzlement, money laundering and corruption.Gayus whose full name is Gayus Halomoan Partahanan Tambunan is an employee of the Directorate General of Taxes Group III A.Orang would not expect that employees who work there is no 10 years time That, he has pocketed hundreds of billions of money spread over happy accounts and deposits.

Not only that, he also collects treasures in the form of assets consisting of Honda Jazz, Ford Everest, home in Ivory Park View, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, and 31 gold bars each 100 grams.

A graduate of the State College of Accountancy (STAN), after graduating from Gayus, was stationed in Balikpapan for three years before being transferred to Jakarta in the Complaint Review section of the Appeal Section and the Jakarta II DGT Lawsuit to be dismissed for tripping over a tax mafia case involving unscrupulous p…