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This is Women Who At Risk of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a scourge for women, because women who suffer from the disease a greater percentage will die dunia.Pada early, cervical cancer usually has no symptoms. The most common symptoms of cervical cancer are vaginal bleeding that occurs after sex, outside of menstruation, or after menopause. Although there is bleeding, does not mean you have cervical cancer.

What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is a cancer that appears in the cervix of women. The cervix itself serves as the entrance to the uterus from the vagina. All women of all ages are at risk for cervical cancer. But, this disease tends to affect women who are sexually active.
Cervical or cervical cancer can lead to death, as experienced Indonesian popular celebrities beberpa time ago. Who are women at risk of cervical cancer?

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Female women at risk for cervical cancerSexual history: Many types of sexual activity related to cervical cancer and HPV infection. Examples: sex before the age of 18, sex with multiple partners, and sex with someone who has had multiple partners.Smoking: When a person smokes, he and the people around him are exposed to many cancer-causing chemicals that listen to organs other than the lungs. 

These harmful molecules are absorbed through the lungs and carried in blood vessels throughout the body. Women who smoke twice as likely to develop cervical cancer than non-smokers. Scientists believe that these substances can damage the DNA of cervical cells and contribute to the growth of cervical cancer.

Use of birth control pills: Women who have taken oral contraceptives like birth control pills for more than five years have an increased risk for cervical cancer, but this risk returns to normal within a few years of stopping pills.
Diet: People whose diets do not include fruits and vegetables are more at risk for cervical cancer.Genetic Risk Factors Family history. Women who have sisters or mothers who have had cervical cancer two or three times more at risk for cervical cancer.

lease be especially aware of sexually active women or newly married women, to respond to the symptoms of cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV).If cervical cancer is not diagnosed and not treated, slowly the cancer cells will come out of the cervix and spread to surrounding organs and tissues. Cancer can spread to the vagina and the muscles that support the pelvic bone. Cancer cells can also spread to the upper body.

 This condition will block the channels that flow from the kidney to the bladder or often referred to as the ureter.Early testing can be done with Pap smears, Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid (IVA), or directly examined the presence of HPV or other methods. Remember do not wait until it becomes malignant or severe. 

What is Human Papillomavirus (HPV)? 
Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by human papillomavirus or HPV. HPV is a collection of virus types that cause warts in the hands, feet, and genitals. Collection of this virus if not immediately followed up it will be dangerous and difficult diobati.Beberapa types of HPV that disrupt the cervical cells to function normally and can eventually trigger cancer.  

HPV is very commonly transmitted through sex and can be the cause of cervical cancer. Of the many types of HPV, there are two types of HPV virus is the most dangerous, namely HPV 16 and HPV 18. Both types of this virus that causes 70 percent of cases of cervical cancer.Many women are unaware of being infected, because this type of HPV does not cause symptoms. It is important to realize that this infection often occurs, although many infected women do not have cancer. 

Symptoms of her symptoms 
These common symptoms of cervical cancer are often felt namely:• Whitish that never healed• Spontaneous bleeding or after intercourse• hip pain• Urinary tract disorders and defecation, to kidney disorders. 

Complaint complaint
Quoted from, patients with advanced cancer Cervical Stadium have complaints complaints as follows: 
• Constipation 
• Urinenya mixed blood spots and bladder uncontrolled (often out of urine uncontrollably) 
• The bone feels painful 
• Her feet are swollen 
• Kidney swell
 • Appetite decreases, so weight drops dramatically 
 • Limp and tired from lack of food intake. 
If the reader follows the development of the late Indonesian artist on TV while still alive when he was treated ill being sick from being sick with Cervical Cancer complaints written over the same experienced by the artist, yaiut legs swell, weight down, weak and weak.Source,

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