Tips to Prevent Sudden Infant Death (SIDS)

For moms need to be aware of the baby's sleep, because babies who sleep on their stomachs and supine have an impact. Most parents put their babies to sleep, either normal or premature with their stomach or sideways position. Even worse, at least premature babies are applying a safe sleeping position. In fact, premature babies risk of experiencing SIDS is greater than babies born large enough.

Babies born prematurely or babies born enough months but born with low weight (LBW) at risk of 50% greater experience of SIDS.

 The high risk of premature infants experiencing SIDS because the entire system of organs, especially the lungs, has not reached the stage of maturation is sufficient so not ready to support life outside the womb ibu.Menurut child pediatrician Dr. Pujiati Abas SpA: "Babies with such conditions are very It is recommended to check regularly to the pediatrician to monitor the development of the function of the organs, "he said.

Quoted from, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a sudden death in healthy babies under the age of 1 without any previous symptoms. SIDS is often referred to as crib death and infects 1 in 100,000 infants, especially 2-4 months of age. Until now, the cause is unknown. 

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A study found, half the parents in the US did not follow the guidelines that recommends laid her child supine. Only about two-thirds of babies born in the US are sleeping on their backs
"The supine sleeping position significantly reduces the risk of having a baby withSIDS, it's worrying that only two-thirds of babies born in the US are sleeping on their backs," said Dr. Sunah Hwang, a spokeswoman at Boston Children's Hospital and South Shore Hospital in Massachusett. (5/5/2014).

There are other causes that potentially dead infants are nursing while sleeping. Breastfeeding while sleeping often causes breast milk does not enter the digestive tract, but into the respiratory tract. The condition will cause bayigumoh and fluid spit can cause the baby difficulty breathing when into the respiratory tract. In addition, the habit of breastfeeding while lying down makes the mother asleep while breastfeeding. 

Then unconsciously hit the baby's body, so the baby difficulty breathing until finally died. Infants who have smoker parents are found to be at higher risk of developing SIDS than non-smokers. Baby smoker parents will suck carbon dioxide (CO2). 

The large volume of carbon dioxide smoked by passive smokers is a factor causing an increase in respiratory system disorders that cause babies to die suddenly. Infants die from SIDS also have low serotonin neurotransmitter levels (normal: 101-283 nanograms / milliliter) in the brainstem, medulla oblongata. Medula oblongata functions to control breathing, body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. 

The situation occurs because of genetic factors, so no effort can be made to prevent it. Exclusive breastfeeding is also an alternative prevention of SIDS. Breastfeeding provides immunity to infants from the risk of SIDS and that fact has been proven. The world health organization recommends breastfeeding mothers for the first six months of life will be safer when compared to formula feeding. Source: Liputan6 and Tabloid Cempaka.

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