Warning For Women, Do not Do It After Sex

In the domestic life of sex in marriage is important to maintain harmony of household. While the quantity and quality of the relationship depends on the time and conditions that exist.

Nevertheless there are some things that need to be considered especially for women if after a husband and wife relationship.There are a number of tips from experts to maintain the health of female sex organs, especially after sexual intercourse.

1. Do not Use Soap 
Do not clean the sex organs after making love using soap,According to dr. Nadia Octavia from the Click Doctor website, the use of soap to clean the vagina after sex can make the vagina irritating, even can lead to allergic reactions. "During sex, vaginal tissue friction, swelling, or injury If exposed directly to soap, the vagina can experience Irritation, "Nadia said quoted on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

2.Do not use wet wipes 
After marriage should not use wet wipes to cleanse in your feminine parts, especially if your skin is sensitive to chemicals, oils, scents or glycerin. If so using a wet tissue after sex will risk causing irritation, skin swelling, and itching.
Similarly, when you clean the vagina using a wet wipes. Especially for you are sensitive to the content such as alcohol, glycerin, or perfume that is usually contained in wet wipes."There are also signs and symptoms of irritation are redness, itching, swelling, and pain," said Nadia added.

3.Do not sleep with lingerie
 Lingerie is an outfit that has a sexy design that aims to attract the opposite sex, intended for couples who want to make love. Or underwear pants as sex accessories to meet fantasy husband and wife, and most lingerie made of nylon or polyester material.

If you use lengerie look cotton with the material will easily absorb sweat, most lingerie made of nylon or polyester which will increase the risk of fungal infection in the female body. Especially with the fact that after having sex, women tend to be more humid because many sweat to full with vital organ fluids that can certainly trigger the appearance of fungi.

4. Immediately urinate 

Health and content experts named Robert Wool, M.D, said if penetration when having sex will make a lot of bacteria pushed by the penis toward the bladder. If these bacteria are not immediately released by urination, then it is feared these bacteria can cause bladder infections. Also, make sure that when cleaning the vagina, flush the water from the front to the back so that no spread of bacteria or dirt from the rectal area into the vagina that can cause vaginal diseases.

There are many things to do to make the relationship closer to the couple after sex is by hugging, kissing his partner or holding hands with each other squeezed the fingers of the couple. Do not go to bed after sex, because it will lose the moment to build intimacy with a partner.  

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