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Tips Melepas Stiker Motor atau Mobil Dengan Aman

Orisinilitas kendaraan dapat dilihat dari fasilitas fasilitas yang ada pada kendaraan masih utuh , dan menempel pada body seperti jok , tangki , stang , mesin dan lain lain termasuk yang kecilpun yaitu stiker bawaan pabrik. 

Stiker bawaan ini akan memberikan gambaran bahwa kendaraan tersebut siapa yang memproduksi ( Honda , Yamaha .dll) dan tahun berapa kendaraan tersebut diproduksi dan juga stiker yang menempel di body akan memberikan keindahan pada kendaraan tersebut sehingga enak dilihat.

Namun seiring kemajuan tekhnologi banyak bermunculan stiker stiker yang beredar di pasaran maupun di media media baik elektronik maupun surat kabar.Melalui internet kita dapat melacak stiker stiker yang kita inginkan  dengan design yang menawan .

Kemunculan stiker stiker ini akan menggoyahkan pemilik motor untuk mengganti  stiker lamanya dengan stiker yang baru karena menurutnya lebih gahar dan macho apabila dipasang dengan stiker yang baru tadi.

Nah sekarang problemnya disini , bagaimana untuk melepa…

The biggest Bedug in the world is in Purworejo

Hello buddy ... do you know the city of Purworejo? The city is located in Indonesia that is located in central java.Located between the city of Yogyakarta and the west of Kebumen City, and north of the city of Magelang and Wonosobo.
You want to know Purworejo City has the biggest drum in the world and this has not been a match, come and visit the city of Purworejo to prove the biggest drag, my friend would not believe if not prove itself, then come to Purworejo.

Purworejo a small town that is now very old about 1113 years old age has a lot of history that must be excavated not to mention the icon of Islam in the development of Islam in this city Bedug Pendowo famous as Bedug Islam Largest World which up to now still firmly located in Darul Mosque Muttaqien which is located near Purworejo district square.

Bedug Pendowo and Mosque Darul Muttaqien is the history of Islam Cokronagoro I relics which is the first regent in Purworejo which is more familiar with Adipati Cokronagoro I…

This is the Danger of Plucking Hair the Nose

Every human nasal cavity overgrown by fine hair hair, its function is to filter the dirty air entering for the respiratory tract to keep clean. If the dirty air entering the chamber is not filtered, then the lungs can result in lung infection.

Because lung lung is one of the most important human organs that function as a respirator then we should do well not to disrupt its function for the sake of our health.

This lung lung position under the ribs has a very heavy task, especially when we breathe dirty air, examples of air pollution and even cigarette smoke that cause lungs will be contaminated and become dirty.
So what's the danger of plucking that nose hair? . Below are 5 hazards of plucking the nose that have been summarized by namely:

1. Can Result Infections

When removing the nose hair using the hands should be cleaned first, because otherwise you can trigger the entry of bacteria and germs into the follicle of the open nose hair.As a result, infection can…

This is the Consequence of Piss Standing Up

Urinating or commonly called urine is a human activity in its activity to remove the remnants of the body's metabolism (removing body impurities).Urinating or urinating is a normal and normal thing happens to us.This shows if the system of excretion or metabolism in our kidneys work well. 

By urinating, the remnants of the toxins from the body will also be removed through the urine, thus, the body will become healthier. In doing this activity so as not to cause inequity in health, we are required to do it right so as not to cause symptoms of symptoms of disease in the future.

Rasulullah Shalallahu 'Alaihi Wa Salam forbids standing piss. And for Muslims who pray, sometimes after coming out of the toilet and want to pray, when ruku 'in prayer we feel something out of the genitals, it is the rest of urine that is not exhausted scattered due to the urine standing is not completed out, this causes Salat is illegitimate because one of the full validity of prayer is c…

Here are 5 Signs That Appear When Body Water Shortages

Water is a vital need for living things on this earth, whether human, animal or plant grows all require it. And in the absence of living water will die of drought.Man in his life need water to drink even a good need is 8 glasses a day. The impact of drinking less water is actually the same as when we do not eat healthy food. The reason at the time of lack of drinking water will arise some health problems such as dehydration, dizziness, metabolic system does not work well, and easily tired.Reported by As a result of this water shortage the body will provide certain symptoms as can be seen signs below:

1. Dry mouthDrinking water serves to lubricate the mucous membranes of the mouth. When you drink less then the mouth becomes dry.
2. Muscle mass decreasesMost muscles are made up of water. So when you drink less then the muscle mass will decrease.

3. Pain does not healDrinking water is beneficial to remove toxins from the body. When you drink less, the poison will accumulate …

In order to Broken Bones Quick Heal, This Nutrition In Need

Fracture is a disaster that is not desired by everyone, because by experiencing a broken bone whether a car accident, or falling from a tree is a disaster that will interfere with activities of daily activities.

Usually people who experience broken bones want to quickly recover as usual and can carry out its activities again

After surgery, healing and treatment with the help of hospital medical treatment is also recommended to do other things that is to accelerate the healing of broken bones by eating foods that contain the right nutrients. Released from below there are several Nutrition that must be consumed in order to quicklyHeal broken bones.

1. Consume Foods That Contain High Calcium
In order for a broken bone to recover quickly it is advisable to consume foods containing calcium, then almost all calcium will be stored in the bone. And this is what makes the bones solid and strong. Indeed, the main task of calcium in to maintain bone health.

So it takes a hig…

This is Women Who At Risk of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a scourge for women, because women who suffer from the disease a greater percentage will die dunia.Pada early, cervical cancer usually has no symptoms. The most common symptoms of cervical cancer are vaginal bleeding that occurs after sex, outside of menstruation, or after menopause. Although there is bleeding, does not mean you have cervical cancer.

What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is a cancer that appears in the cervix of women. The cervix itself serves as the entrance to the uterus from the vagina. All women of all ages are at risk for cervical cancer. But, this disease tends to affect women who are sexually active.
Cervical or cervical cancer can lead to death, as experienced Indonesian popular celebrities beberpa time ago. Who are women at risk of cervical cancer?

Female women at risk for cervical cancerSexual history: Many types of sexual activity related to cervical cancer and HPV infection. Examples: sex before the age of 18, sex with multiple…

3 Important Points We Need to Know About the Aging of Our Brains

Hi broo ... it turns out that the old experience is not just human aja lho ... but otakpun can experience aging.
Relation to the aging of the brain then the brain volume will shrink, consequently the ability of people to remember and process information to be reduced broo ...

The discovery is based on the results of a recent investigation from Finland, which mentions there are three things that are scientifically proven to accelerate the aging of the brain. Three things are smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
"This study proves that the health of the cardiovascular system with the brain is very closely aligned." Lifestyle changes become healthier by keeping blood pressure and cholesterol and quitting smoking can prevent the acceleration of brain aging, "said Suvi Rovio, researchers from the Research Center of Applied and Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine , University of Turku, quoted by Reuters.

Do not play broo .... research conducted on 3,500 c…

How To Work Garlic In The Body

According to Wikipedia Garlic (Allium sativum, English: garlic) is the name of the plant of the genus Allium as well as the name of the tubers produced. Has a history of human use for over 7,000 years, mainly grown in Central Asia, and has long been a foodstuff in the area around the Mediterranean Sea, as well as general spices in Asia, Africa and Europe. Known in ancient Egyptian records, it is used both as a mixture of cuisine and medicine. Tubers from garlic plants are the main ingredients for the basic ingredients of Indonesian cuisine.

Garlic is known as a super healthy food because of its ability to control blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, nourish the heart, and kill bacteria in the body. Therefore you are advised to diligently eat garlic, especially in the raw state.
However, because eating raw garlic can give bad breath, so not many people are fond of snacking on garlic. Well, if you want to still get the healthy benefits of garlic but are lazy with bad breath, y…

Here are 9 Reasons That Can Cause Your Sperm is Damaged

It is natural in a marriage to expect to have offspring.Because with the offspring as a baby will provide happiness If you plan to immediately have offspring, it is worth noting some of the following habits, which is a habit that can be prevented if you want to have offspring.

The reason, this habit is often done unconsciously can damage sperm. Likes or dislikes, in fact the number of men who bemasalah with sperm increasing. "The number of healthy and normal sperm has declined in recent decades," said Ajay Nangia, M.B.B.S., urology and male fertility expert at the University of Kansas Medical Center.Here are the habits that are often done unwittingly can damage male fertility:

1. Sometimes or activities are done until late at night in filling the spare time causing sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep is often accused as the cause of various health problems. Includes damaging sperm. According to the journal Fertility & Sterility, men with a duration of sleep less than …

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