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Is it True that Sex Position Determines Baby Gender ...?

Is it true that Sex positions can determine the sex of the baby ...? A question that is very intriguing to everyone, especially for couples who want their desired sex, of course, couples who want a particular sex must be very happy to hear it.

Indeed there are also other ways to obtain the desired sex of the baby, the IVF program. But this IVF program certainly needs to be costly and careful planning in order to obtain the desired results.

It is a cheaper and easier way to get the sex of the baby you want by choosing a sex position. How to get a baby boy or girl as desired is related to the initial fertilization process. This method does not guarantee a success rate of up to 100%, but there's no harm in trying, right?

That the baby's sex is determined by the sperm chromosome which will fertilize the egg. Sperm which will produce male babies is the type of sperm Y. While sperm that will produce a baby girl is sperm X. If Y sperm "wins against" sperm X, then the results of fertilization will make the baby boy. Vice versa.

Please note, that sperm that carry the male chromosome tend to move faster than sperm that carry a female chromosome. But sperm that carry the male chromosome have a shorter life span compared to female chromosomes.

Therefore, if a husband and wife want to have a baby boy, make sure the sperm carrying the male chromosome is swimming or moving as close to the egg as possible when having intercourse. The recommended intercourse position is for the woman to bend her knees closer to her chest. In addition to deeper penetration, this position will make sperm that swim faster will be able to reach the egg first in your intimate relationship. Then, what if a married couple wants to have a baby girl? So, do the opposite intercourse position. Namely, avoid deep penetration so that male ejaculation occurs as far as possible from the egg in an intimate relationship. The goal, so that the male chromosome carrier sperm does not rush to reach the egg, so that it will die before reaching the egg.

Apart from the position of intercourse, the food consumed also plays an important role in determining the baby you will conceive. According to experts, to support the success of getting a baby boy, vaginal pH must be alkaline.

Therefore, women should consume more foods containing sodium, potassium, and potassium. Conversely, the vaginal pH must be acidic to get a baby girl. So, multiply the consumption of foods containing magnesium and calcium. Husband and wife want a child of a male or female sex, try the advice that goes on it does not eat big fees ... who knows it will succeed while begging the creator, hopefully it will be granted. Source:



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